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Segment integration guide

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User-event ingestion 

Aampe uses user-events for several functions:

  1. An automated generation of user segments to make sure the different messages are distributed equally among all possible user types
  2. Tracking conversion
  3. Report results depending on user activity levels

User event data often looks like this:

Its main components are:

  • user id: the unique identifier you use for each user. (db087ceb-2b4a-427a-9f15-edfb44abd2ce)
  • timestamp: the moment in time an event occurred. (2021-06-11 10:41:23 UTC)
  • event name: the event that the user had triggered. (page_clicked)
  • metadata: any metadata that’s related to the event. (page_name = main_product_page)

Segment as an event source

If you use Segment to centralize your data, the easiest way to share it with Aampe is by setting up a Google Cloud Storage Destination.

Before you begin

Aampe will provide you with:

  1. A bucket name. For example: aampe-staging-data-xxx
  2. A credentials file. For example: xxxxxxxx-4e120-14a6f2ac3c25.json

You will use those files in step 7 below.

Configure Google Cloud Storage Destination

  1. Go to Segment’s Connection > Destinations section
  1. Click on Add Destination
  2. Search for “Google Cloud Storage” in the catalog that appears
  1. Click on the Google Cloud Storage destination
  2. Then, click on Configure Google Cloud Storage
  1. Select the source you wish to share with Aampe and then press on Confirm Source
  1. You will then be lead to the follow screen where you will provide the below destination bucket details (provided by Aampe):
  • Bucket: the name of the bucket where the data will flow
  • GCS Private Key File: the content of the JSON with the access credentials to that bucket
  1. After having input both details, you need to click on the toggle that enables this destination and you are good to go!

The above details may be also found in

Other event data sources

Aampe can also ingest data from:

  • Other providers such as Mixpanel (<link to a similar guide for mixpanel>)
  • A storage bucket of your choice (AWS, Azure, GCP), in the format of your choice (often CSV or ndjson)
  • Custom APIs built by your team