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Make better user experiences with better data

Your app is already a data factory

Unfortunately, most of this data is spread across different systems or trapped in your data warehouse

Our AI models all of those interactions

We layer structured ML on top of a reinforcement learning engine to generate user-level preferences and enrich your internal metadata in the process

total spend
average spend
Finalized carts
total spend














Aampe's AI models each user interaction in your model app, chart animation

Aampe conducts controlled, parallelized experiments with tagged messages to learn user preferences

Feeling ravenous?
What's for dinner?
Got a big appetite
What's for lunch?
Click here
Swipe now
Tap here
Press here
free delivery
15% discount
25% discount
swift delivery
on the
most delicious
most popular
most asked for
most flavorful
in town

Better data. Better results:



More e-Commerce Conversions
Aampe helps your app improve eCommerce conversions



uptick in user sessions
Aampe helps your app improve your users sessions



fewer users that are unreachable
Aampe helps your app reduce user churn



more engagement from inactive users
Aampe helps your app improve the number of returning users
I want results like these

As featured in:

What is an Agentic CDP?

Discover the infrastructure that drives growth for the most innovative and market-leading apps.

Learn across channels

With Aampe, each channel isn't a silo. Learn across Push notifications, Web Push, SMS, WhatsApp, In-App and more

Web push


In-app banner




In-app full page ad


Mobile push






Aampe integrates seamlessly with your existing martech stack

Aampe adds AI and ML without disrupting your existing marketing stack, so you can start generating data in hours, not months

see our integrations
Aampe integrates seamlessly with your existing tech stack

What people are saying about Aampe

Baptiste Malaguti
Our experience with Aampe has been flawless. The Aampe team delivered on a product we could only dream of, and it has really pushed the boundaries of how we engage with our users.

Baptiste Malaguti

CEO and Co-Founder

Sophia Jin
This is definitely the most disruptive platform that I've seen so far that challenges the way that everyone's currently thinking about lifecycle marketing.

Sophia Jin

Associate Director, Lifecycle Marketing

Tim Dikun
I've used a bunch of different tools, and they all feel like we're just taking a stab in the dark. With Aampe it's a huge relief that we can just focus on the message and the technology can figure out the optimal time and pace for it.

Tim Dikun

COO and VP of Product

Alice van den Berg
Aampe's team is second to none. Aampe is far from your classic CRM practices, and they know that! Which means they are always on hand to support. Their willingness to help and fast turnaround on requests make them a pleasure to work with. We're excited to see what's to come!

Alice van den Berg

CRM Lead at Runna

Jenna Glancy
Aampe has completely changed the way we think about our communication strategies. The integration was incredibly smooth, and the service is top notch. I’m excited to see the new opportunities we continue to unlock partnering with Aampe.

Jenna Glancy

Sr. Manager, Lifecycle Marketing

Mohana Das
Thinking is a lot more limitless for me now, and I don't have to worry about constraints. We don't have limits on the things we want to test and want to see if it works or resonates with our users or not. It's a huge time savings!

Mohana Das

Lead UX Writer at LazyPay (PayU Finance)

Richard Hirson
At Fy! we have a huge store of great content that we know our shoppers love. Aampe gives us a super smart way to get this content in front of users at the time they want it the most. The impact and ROI has been excellent.

Richard Hirson

Head of Marketing

Siim Pukk
Aampe breaks our habitual thinking around lifecycle marketing. They have a fresh approach, and there's a lot of value in their product that could easily replace a small team of experts. Especially valuable for a startup like Fudy that can't hire a team right of the bat.

Siim Pukk

Head of Marketing & Growth

Zhiliang Li
We want to deliver the right message, to the right customer, at the right time. Aampe is a strong partner in ensuring that we served our customers the best, and sought to measure meaningful uplift rather than vanity metrics.

Zhiliang Li

Head of CRM

Karan Tibdewal
I think this is wonderfully exciting, because this is the point I've been making for years — If you're empowered with a strong foundation on how well you can run tests and how quickly you can learn from it, [Aampe] is like a CRM consultant on steroids.

Karan Tibdewal

CRM & Growth Consultant

Ben Tengelsen, PhD
Anyone who has attempted to build out a personalized communication experience knows it is a ton of work and super expensive. Aampe is personalization made easy. It removes every barrier to getting started and we’re up and running in days.

Ben Tengelsen, PhD

VP of Data Science

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Aampe replace my current CRM platform or CPaaS provider?

It doesn't have to! Aampe can work right alongside your current CRM platform or CPaaS provider, making them function better by producing much better results more efficiently. With a simple API connection, you can enable new levels of messaging personalization without having to spend time and effort building rigid segments and static, over-generalized user journeys.

Do I need "the basics" set up before I use Aampe?

No. Aampe *is* the basics (plus a whole lot more)! For example, you don't need to have user journeys set up before we can optimize. In fact, our customers don't set up user journeys at all! We achieve individualized personalization through the actual messages you send, so you don't need any formal messaging structure to get started. You only need a CPaaS connection so we can send message and a CDP connection so we can track impact.

How many users do I need for Aampe to work?

Aampe doesn't need a large number of users to operate. We have apps with fewer than 10,000 users already seeing impressive results. If you write quality messages, we can use them to engage an audience of any size.

Is Aampe just machine learning?

No. Aampe relies primarily on real-world experiments, then uses machine learning to collect, generalize, and apply findings faster. We also use AI to support or perform tasks like writing copy, organize, and draw insights from user behavior, and identify messaging impact. Our hybrid approach of using both experimentation and machine learning avoid many of the common pitfalls of a naive ML approach.

Does Aampe just help with sends and clicks, or can it help with mid and bottom of the funnel actions too?

Aampe helps with much more than clicks! One of the first steps of using Aampe is setting your goals. These may be any user action that you're able to track — anything from clicks to sessions to conversions — and, once they're set, Aampe optimizes for these goals.

Why should I trust Aampe's product and technology?

At Aampe, our answer will never be "Just trust us." In fact, we hate the "black box" mentality so much, we've gone to great lengths to explain how our system works for non-technical users, and we've even written a detailed whitepaper to explain our system to technical users! If you have any questions, please reach out! We love talking about how we make personalization better.

I already have an amazing Data Science team, why do I need Aampe?

Aampe frees your data science team to work on more productive things. Instead of bogging them down with requests for reports or messaging A/B tests, they can spend their time running more valuable analyses, doing the kinds of work that only they can do.

I don't have a Data Science team, can I get any benefit from Aampe?

Absolutely! Aampe runs many of the tests and reports that a typical data science team normally would. Now apps of any size can have the same capabilities as the big guys.

If Aampe fully automates my CRM, do I lose control?

Absolutely not! Even with Aampe running, you're still able to add or remove messages, constrain messages to certain time windows, send ad hoc messages, or even stop sending messages entirely.

Can I still send ad-hoc messages to my customers if I need to?

Of course! (Although most of our customers report needing to send fewer ad hoc messages after starting with Aampe.) While Aampe is running, you can still send individual messages from your current customer communications platform.

Can Aampe help generate content or does it just select and schedule it?

We sure can! Aampe is designed to help you build a messaging library of thousands of unique and instrumented messages in minutes (See how it works here). If you need more help, we also offer GPT-3 Copywriting assistance.

How hard is it to get started?

Set up is a snap: Add your CDP and CPaaS API keys, set your goals, and you're ready to start writing! See here for more details.

Do I need to schedule a demo to try Aampe?

Nope! You can log into the system at any time by clicking here. Here's a handy video to help you get started!

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Send us a message instead!

We just wrote the book on message timing

I'm not going to lie, that was one of the most entertaining, interesting, and well-done eBooks I've ever read.

‍Director of Lifecycle Marketing, Bilt Rewards