Your customers aren’t predictable — your messaging shouldn’t be either.

Aampe intelligently sends and adapts your offer, tone, and message timing for each of your users based on their actions in real life — you don't even have to change your existing messaging stack.

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The Stats

So good they should be called PULL notifications

46% Lift
in notification clicks
140% Boost
in checkouts started
169% Jump
in payments made
65% Increase
in videos watched


Aampe is not just another ineffective rules engine

Here’s how Aampe goes way beyond A/B testing, segmentation, or historical data to actually learn your users from just a handful of messages.

Intelligently split your current users into like groups based on their app usage and behavior

By using AI to continuously assign users into clusters, we can perform representative experiments at a highly accelerated rate.

Conduct highly-parallelized experiments on these user groups to learn what messaging/timing works best

We track responses and goal events and weight them with respect to when a message was sent, so we can be sure your user’s action corresponds to the message sent.

Understand which timing and messaging factors make your users more likely to respond

In a few messages, our model learns to predict which messaging and timing factors are most likely to get a response from your users.

…and Aampe does all of this testing and learning without requiring any effort from your team.

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Bring your UX to your users with the AI-powered messaging platform that was actually made for you, but your users will swear it was built for them
Made for you
…but your users will
swear it was…
Built for them
Save time
crafting copy

Effortlessly generate thousands of message variations from a few simple inputs

Don’t fret over scheduling

Powerful AI determines the best time to send messages for each individual user

The perfect offering, every time

Aampe recommends the perfect products for each user and puts them right in your notification

No more interruptions or constant buzzing! Notifications arrive right when your user would appreciate them

Notifications that feel like they were written by a friend, with a tone your user appreciates

Recommendations that spark interest and excitement not frustration and annoyance


Aampe works with your delivery platform…not against it

Now you can easily up your messaging game without rebuilding your stack

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Our approach

Dynamic personalization that learns
from what works.

Aampe continuously learns what messages bring value to your customer

Man Using Apple Phone

Text that resonates

Dynamically customized text based on customer behavior.

Insights drive improvement

Results determine what works for each individual.

Learning at scale

Continuously improves copy

Easy integration

Boost your messaging capabilities

Aampe integrates with any messaging platforms with no effort from your engineering team.

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Input: 1 message
Output: 1,000s of

Compose one message with interchangeable snippets and
Aampe takes care of the rest.

Start Personalizing

Automated send and iterations

Learn faster with
automated iterations

Aampe automatically sends different messages based on your copy and appetite. Set limits and Aampe automates the rest.

Automate Experimentation

Insights and results

Fast-track insights

Aampe helps you focus on what makes a difference

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Results that speak

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Messaging ROI



Aampe changed our world. We were able to increase engagement for daily active users by 150%. We started selling more paid subscriptions and our stock price went through the roof.
Justin McGinnes, CPO
Aampe changed our world. We were able to increase engagement for daily active users by 150%. We started selling more paid subscriptions and our stock price went through the roof.
Justin McGinnes, CPO


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