Embed information about goals and audiences, incorporate human feedback into your message catalog, and inject priorities from your business systems and inventory.

CMS Sync

Connect Aampe to your inventory to automatically generate more relevant content.

Audience-Specific Prompts

Connect specific content and copy to specific user attributes.


Understand your users' "why" by layering human-interpretable structure on top of your generated content

Multi-Target Training

Optimise your messaging against any events your app tracks.


Generate unique messaging content that appeals to each of your users while still valuing your business priorities. Just hit "Start Sending" and Aampe's AI will take it from there.

Generate Variants

Write many versions of a message as quickly as you can write one.

Manage Library

Manage both human- and LLM-generated content in one place, at scale.

Transfer Learning

Tag micro-content with semantic labels that spread learning across generated content.

Keep it all Together

No more juggling spreadsheets or copying from ChatGPT. Everyone works on the same platform.

Shape Content Dynamically

Relevant content gets recirculated without needing to be regenerated.

Personalize Across Time

More than just content, Aampe's AI also determines the timing and frequency preferences for each user


Incorporate structured feedback from each and every message to learn what resonates with each user — all without having to bug the data science team.

Send with Confidence

Monitor the delivery and performance of the messages you're sending.

Prevent Repetitive Content

Real-time alerts for repetitive push notification content.

Any feature you'd like to see?

Our team is hard at work, adding new features every week. Please reach out if you want to see what we're cooking up, and we'll let you know what we have in development.