Rapid Notifications

Aampe creates thousands of combinations from one message to personalize the
copy, timing, and channel for your customers.

How does it work?

Aampe is quick to setup

Connect your system

Aampe offers easy integrations with several messaging providers. See documentation.


Tag KPIs

Add the KPIs you want to influence.


Craft copy

Get 100’s of messages in minutes with Aampe's message composer


Press GO

Aampe automates message sending across channels and iterations based on personalization.

Aampe has a different approach

Automated, not manual

Aampe sends messages automatically based on each new learning and insight.

Results that matter

You control the KPIs to track and Aampe will maximize your lift based on ongoing customer behaviors.

Copy that iterates itself

Provide a base message with snippets and Aampe creates thousands of personalized iterations

Understand real behavior

Go beyond “message click” to understand if you’re driving deeper actions


Create personalized content faster than ever before

Create a message, choose and tag a few alternatives, and Aampe will put together all iterations and dynamically personalize messages. It selects which message to send based on a deep, iterative understanding of user behavior, so customers who are sold by offers while returning home in traffic don't get messages promoting value propositions during lunch.

Select audiences, set
limits - you’re in control

Set up what you want and when you want it. Don’t want app audiences to get web-focused texts? Aampe follows those limits and automes the send, iterations, learnings, and results tracking.

No manual A-B Testing

Aampe sends thousands of iterations to millions of customers, automating which message to send each minute. You can track messages, customers, and responses in real time.

Get insights, not only data

Select the exact KPIs you want to track, the events that matter. Aampe will target that lift and share results, in reports that make sense across your company.

Case studies

See how Aampe better serves customers, from
repayment to engagement

Problem, solution, findings
Entertainment / Streaming

More relevant watchtime

Content customers want to watch, before they’re on your app
Choosing what content to watch, listen to, or play starts well
before the TV is turned on. <ADD>
Engagement lift XX%
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Problem, solution, findings

Repayment starts with relationships

Loan repayment rates increase by XX% with timely messaging,
but ‘timely’ is different for each customer
Repayment rate increase XX%
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Security & Privacy

Your customers, your data

Privacy and security are core to Aampe’s product.
Our tech stack is built to....

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