About Aampe

Aampe is reinforcement learning infrastructure for a company's communication stack.

Our APIs enable its customers to learn user preferences (true personalization) through communication. It automates the otherwise manual content creation, experimental design, conversion tracking, and ongoing iterations. Aampe continuously tests different message strategies to understand which attributes drive customer engagement. Check out our blog to learn more.

Aampe was started by experts in data science, data engineering, human behavior, and product development. We are a small, funded, seed-round company looking to scale the offering. (And we love our investors!) We have a supportive culture focused on execution.

Aampe Logo made of blue bubbles
Aampe Logo made of blue bubbles

Our Why

In all companies, across all industries, we saw the same problem: communication is key. There is lots of low hanging fruit to improve connection between companies and customers. Often the people drafting the copy don’t have good visibility on the connections between their content and engagement.

We had the benefit of working with top engineering teams to build custom personalization tools, based on ongoing experimentation and iteration, to increase customer engagement and delight. We want to provide every company with the ability to improve their customer dialog, at scale.

The Team

Paul MeinshausenConnect on LinkedIn

Paul Meinshausen

Schaun WheelerConnect on LinkedIn

Schaun Wheeler

Sami AbboudConnect on LinkedIn

Sami Abboud

Jim LaurainConnect on LinkedIn

Jim Laurain

Head of Growth
Annika DunawayConnect on LinkedIn

Annika Dunaway

Product Manager
Vineesha RahejaConnect on LinkedIn

Vineesha Raheja

Data Science
Chris WohlersConnect on LinkedIn

Chris Wohlers

Engineering & Product
Divyang PrateekConnect on LinkedIn

Divyang Prateek

Nikhil AroraConnect on LinkedIn

Nikhil Arora

Saiyam ShahConnect on LinkedIn

Saiyam Shah

Kate FieldConnect on LinkedIn

Kate Field

Chief of Staff
Madhav BhasinConnect on LinkedIn

Madhav Bhasin


Join us if you

Available Roles

Fullstack engineer


You will design, implement and operate the Aampe composer tool. This means turning wireframes into full-fledged features, designing and implementing data models and implementing unit and integration testing.

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Backend engineer


You will design, build and maintain the backend services that power Aampe’s personalized notifications, working closely with data scientists and data engineers on rapid prototyping and taking algorithms to production

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Software engineer


You will be working on the Aampe data model, the reliable ingestion of customer event data, the pipelines that generate features for Aampe’s learning models and making aggregate data available in our tool for customers.

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DevOps Engineer


You will be enabling the team to create a world-class product by building tools that increase productivity, maintaining cloud infrastructure, deploying monitoring processes and championing continuous deployment

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Don’t see something you’re looking for? Email us at talent@aampe.com