This is Aampe

We are a team that loves figuring out the ‘how.’ Join us.


About Aampe, in short

Aampe is an experimentation layer for a company’s communication stack. Aampe’s APIs enable its customers to learn user preferences (true personalization) through communication. It automates the otherwise manual content creation, experimental design, conversion tracking, and ongoing iterations. Aampe continuously tests different message strategies to understand which attributes drive customer engagement. Check out our blog to learn more.

Aampe was started by experts in data science, data engineering, human behavior, and product development. We are a small, funded, seed-round company looking to scale the offering. (And we love our investors!) We have a supportive culture focused on execution.

Our History, Why we founded

In all companies, across all industries, we saw the same problem: communication is key. There is lots of low hanging fruit to improve dialog and connection between companies and customers. Often the people drafting the copy don’t have good visibility on the connections between their content and engagement. (We were those people.) We had the benefit of working with top engineering teams to build custom personalization tools, based on ongoing experimentation and iteration, to increase customer engagement and delight. We want to provide every company with the ability to improve their customer dialog, at scale.

Meet the Team

We founded with an aspiration to make an impact in the way communication happens and to give everyone the access to the top tier custom personalization we’ve been privileged to learn from and implement throughout our careers. Our team backgrounds span product, engineering, and data science. We’ve spanned industries, including fintech, adtech, mobile/telecom, proptech, e-commerce, education, intelligence and security, travel, academia - we even have a PhD in neuroscience!

Aampe’s Culture

We are a passionate team with an academic bend. We care deeply about data and results, and providing an amazing user experience - for both our users and their customers of our users. We describe our culture as heavy on written communication, focused on ‘think time’ to produce thoughtful work, and considerate of people’s energy. We love when people take initiative to make game-changing strides to better serve customers and improve our results.
We're hiring!

Join the challenge, join
the fun!

You will thrive at Aampe if you enjoy...

Taking ownership, responsibility, and accountability over a key part of the work on a small team

Forming well-informed opinions about what to do and can build consensus by sharing your findings with others

Creating clean work (e.g., code, design, product) and helping to up the standards

Being challenged and using creative problem solving to overcome hurdles

Getting the details right while pulling up to the big picture and can balance tradeoffs for both speedy and quality execution

Working in distributed teams

Location: Remote

We're a distributed team across North America, Europe, and Asia. The sun never sets on team Aampe.
(This also means we sometimes have early or late meetings depending on your time zone.)

We're a distributed team across North America, Europe, and Asia. The sun never sets on team Aampe.
(This also means we sometimes have early or late meetings depending on your time zone.)

Senior Product Desinger
Discover and design the next version of Aampe’s end-to-end experience. You will shape this experience to be rich yet intuitive and beautifully designed for our users.
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