How do apps like Spotify and Netflix create such effective personalized user experiences and how can you build experiences like these yourself?

The answer is Agentic CDPs.

Schaun Wheeler, PhD Anthropologist, Data Scientist, and Co-Founder at Aampe, and Jim Laurain, Aampe's Head of Growth discuss Agentic CDPs on the main stage at MAU Vegas:

What they are, how they work, and how you can implement them on your own app.

0:00 Spotify's Data Growth Loop

1:32 The challenges with traditional MarTech infrastructure

4:33 The introduction to, and description of, the Agentic CDP

9:18 Capability 1: Adaptive and Organic User Experiences

12:32 Capability 2: Deep Understanding of User Motivations

14:35 Capability 3: Personalized Generative AI

17:40 Capability 4: Competing and Collaborating Recommender Systems

19:31 Wrap up and Contact Info