Change doesn't hurt your business.

Change is your business

Leverage your communication to learn what customers want. Grow faster with Aampe's robust, always-on experimentation.

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The Opportunity

Retention messaging for high-growth businesses

Aampe embeds experiments within routine messaging to turn consumer communication into a business growth engine. Innovate and optimize your communication scientifically and automatically.

Consumers' lives are complex and change fast

The diversity of your consumers makes simple randomized A/B tests insufficient to learn confidently about your business's performance and growth. In fact, in today's consumer environment simple A/B tests can be downright misleading.

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Keep up with the people who keep you in business

You can't count on keeping customers you already have: they leave without notice and they don't need much incentive to leave. The consumer environment has changed to make changes in purchase behavior almost costless.

Experimental results won't hold for months at a time. When everything else is changing so quickly, your messages and campaigns need to adapt and keep up.

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Don't let business silos slow your growth

Receiving messages and campaigns from multiple different marketing and product teams makes for a confusing consumer experience.

Don't let your campaigns serve cross-purposes. You need to know when an offer on one service leads to a decline in another conversion metric and how you can best cross-sell and up-sell your customers.

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The Product

and Grow

Run always-on, massively parallel experimentation. Get results you can trust, cultivate best practices, and generate customer models to drive growth throughout your whole business.

Use Aampe to actively discover what your customers want, so you can offer the options that win.

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Conditioned Setup

Use your data to identify important ways customers differ; go far beyond segmentation.

Assign messages based on discovered customer variation to get results you can trust.

Automatically incorporate results from former experiments into later experiments.

Develop a hypothesis library with automatic content deployment.

Continuous Execution

Manage, or automate, experiment logistics and in-campaign quality control.

Adapt all experiments to incorporate previous lessons learned. Automate best practices.

Contact customers when it's best for them. Use messaging to learn about your customers.

Enable massive parallelization with experiment conflict resolution.

Connected ROI

Exploit complete transaction logs and longitudinal measurement.

Apply results from small experiments to your entire customer base. Generalize confidently.

Create multi-experiment customer indices for wider value.

Plug in a new message, offer, or creative and start generating intelligence about it.

It's time.

Start catching up with your customers now. Aampe can set up your first batch of experiments with nothing but a customer list and a message.

Keep using the tools you like

Aampe integrates with a large number of platforms to manage SMS, email, push notifications, and other ways of communicating with customers. Keep using what you're used to: Aampe helps you use it smarter.


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