✅ Indulgent sushi lovers who want to try some new varieties? — Check!

✅ Deal-focused health enthusiasts looking for a convenient way to get their fix? — Check!

✅ Practical grocery-getters who need food on the table in time for dinner? — Check!

Mr D is finding and engaging with these groups and more using Aampe’s agentic CDI!

The Mr D team is investing in creating unique and captivating content for all of their users—from health-conscious eaters and value-hunters to convenience-lovers and everything in between—harnessing Aampe’s agentic AI infrastructure to serve content according to each individual user’s timing, frequency, and content preferences.

“Meeting the needs and the expectations of our customers is our North Star,” says Su-lise Tessendorf-Louw, CMO of Mr D, “As a technology business ourselves, it makes sense for us to employ tools that serve our users in the way that they want to be served.”

The future

The partnership with Aampe will allow for building on the existing momentum:

  • Design and execute multi-channel campaigns
  • Run user-level discount optimization
  • Build unique product experiences for each user based on user profiles constructed with Aampe