What's for Dinner?

Over the past couple days, we've been helping a few food delivery apps build their messages in Aampe, and they've almost all brought up the same concern: 👇🍔

"How can I limit the message send times so lunch messages only get sent at lunchtime, and dinner messages can only get sent at dinnertime? It'd be weird to get a 'What's for lunch?' message at 6pm. 😬"

...and normally, we would have completely agreed.

But, at this point, we've seen enough times that:

Sometimes the stuff you think is most likely to fail works the absolute best. 🤯

See, if you only send lunch messages at lunchtime and dinner messages at dinnertime (like *every other* food delivery app does), you miss out on all of these demographics:

🕗 People who think about dinner in the early morning or the night before (So they have a plan for their family meals when they get out of work). 🤔💭

🕙 People who plan their next day's lunch the night before. 🥪

🕛 People who eat breakfast at noon or have lunch in the middle of the night because they work in different time zones. 🌛

🕓 ...and all the other user preferences in between.

(🙋 I know that I, personally, tend to think about and plan lunches and dinners for my family the night before, so while a lunch message at lunchtime makes sense for those days when I'm more disorganized, a lunch message around 9-10pm might help me come up with ideas for the next day's lunch. 💭🍕🤯 )

So, the challenge isn't making sure that lunch messages only get sent at lunchtime, it's making sure the right user gets the right message at the right time.

(...and there's NO WAY you could do this effectively with segments – How would you effectively find and segment each of these users? How would you account for seasonal or environmental changes, like 'back-to-school' season or job changes?)

You can *ONLY* do this with the AI/ML powered-learning approach we use at Aampe.

So, yeah, let every other food delivery platform fight over the same users at lunchtime. 🙄

Aampe users will always be one step ahead. 💪