Why should you use AI to manage your content distribution?

Everybody's talking about "Generative AI," which can give you an amazing library of content in a relatively short amount of time...but what do you do with that library once it's generated? 📚

Most companies are still relying on antiquated methods of CRM including user journeys (which send a specific message after a specific amount of time or event) or manually-driven ad hoc messaging, which can require a fairly hefty resource load.

But it's 2023. It doesn't have to be this way.

Here are 9 key business and customer advantages for letting AI handle your message distribution:

1. Increased Efficiency

An AI-powered messaging system can send thousands of unique and tailored messages to hundreds of thousands of unique users without the need for an individual to manage each message send activity.

2. Better Personalization

AI can analyze customer data, such as purchase history and browsing behavior, to personalize messages based on individual customer preferences in ways that would take hours or days to build in customer journeys.

3. Cost savings

By using AI for customer messaging, you can optimize your resources to focus on higher-level stratigic tasks, instead of having resources who are entirely focused on the logistics of sending messages.

4. Improved Customer Experience

AI-powered messaging systems can improve the customer experience by providing personalized, relevant messaging at the right time for each individual user in a way that a single human never could.

5. More Consistency

Each user is on their own, individual journey. If designed correctly, an AI messaging distribution system can ensure the messaging each user sees is consistent with their needs and expectations.

6. Predictive Analytics

AI can use predictive analytics to identify customer behavior patterns we likely wouldn't have noticed otherwise, so you can tailor messaging to each customer's unique needs and preferences.

7. Scalability

AI-powered messaging systems can scale to meet the demands of any size business — from a small startup to a multinational corporation — without requiring more headcount.

8. Collision-Free Multi-Channel Messaging

AI-powered messaging systems can send messages across multiple channels, including push notifications, SMS/WhatsApp, etc. — and decide which channel is best for each user and situation — making it easier to reach customers where they are without conflicts.

9. Data Analysis

AI can analyze customer data and feedback in real-time, giving insights into customer behavior and preferences that you can use to improve your overall messaging strategy.

Smart companies are exploring Generative AI and already seeing the benefits. Now we just need to find more practical and useful ways to apply the content we've created.

So, how will you use AI to make your content more effective?