While a lot of our Aampe product involves work in data science, experimentation, and machine learning, we've learned from our early customers that generating personalized notification copy is a major problem they face. Most CRM and product marketing teams seem to write their notifications manually. We don't think that scales to creating truly personalized copy for mobile apps with even tens or hundreds of thousands of users, much less millions of users. And if you're a mobile app with hundreds and thousands of content or ecommerce items, it's just not possible to generate personalized copy for all of that content.

So we've built the Aampe Composer to help our customers create personalized messages, across all the dimensions of a notification: the value proposition, incentives, greetings, evidence/information, calls to action, and any other dimension you might like to personalize and track. I've recorded two short screencasts to show how it works, using the example of Running apps (like Nike Run Club or Strava). You can watch them below.

Part 1, the Context:

Part 2, the Demo:

If you'd like to hear more about the composer, try it for yourself, or see how it might work for your mobile app, please write to us at get@aampe.com or click the Talk to Us link at the top of the page. We look forward to speaking with you!