Aampe is now integrated with Segment

Introducing a new, exciting opportunity for Segment users to easily add new levels of personalization to your messaging with Aampe!

With our newest integration, you can pipe your event data into Aampe directly through Segment, allowing Aampe to tailor each user’s messaging based on their own, individual actions on your app! 

What Is Segment?

Segment is a single platform that collects, stores, and routes your user data to hundreds of tools with the flick of a switch. 

No Coding Required

What happens if your developers are always busy? They implement Segment once!

Segment enables awesome implementations between businesses and different types of software, without developer resources required.

Segment is simple plug-and-play, and thanks to the Aampe <> Segment integration, all customer data and interactions will flow seamlessly, and in real-time, over to your Aampe account.

If you already have a Segment account just follow these steps and your event data will be integrated to Aampe within minutes:


Aampe: The leader in Message-Led Personalization

Aampe is an optimization layer that sits on top of all of the major messaging delivery platforms (Braze, MoEngage, CleverTap, etc.) and uses intelligent user clustering and modeling to deliver push notifications that drive superior results.

With only a simple clickstream and API connection, Aampe is able to set up and execute hundreds of simultaneous A/B tests to optimize your messaging timing, content, and copy for each of your individual users to maximize your messaging KPIs without having to change your existing messaging infrastructure.

Get up and running in a few hours. See results in a few weeks.

Learn more at aampe.com or Sign up for your own free Aampe account at https://compose.aampe.com/auth/login.

Need help? Contact us at hello@aampe.com