Ready to get poisoned? ☠

Appthropology Episode 2 is out, and this week, we're talking with Gijs Verheijke, CEO and founder of Ox Street, Southeast Asia's premier authentic sneaker marketplace!

In this episode, we talked about:

👟 Gijs' experience and the challenges he faced in spinning up a successful 2-sided marketplace in an incredibly nuanced space that's loaded with counterfeit goods and unique challenges

👟 His unique approach to content, including his brilliant buying and selling guides

👟 ...and how to get poisoned. 🧪 (Trust us, it's a thing. 😋)

Tune in to learn all about the nuances of staring up an eCommerce marketplace and get caught up on everything sneaker culture -



...and virtually everywhere else you listen to podcasts!

(⚠Note, the audio in the video is a little wonky, but it's corrected and compressed on the podcast platforms. 🎧)

If you want to check out Ox Street and pick up some fresh authenticated kicks,

head over to 🙌

Happy listening! 🎧