"A customer-led approach to segmentation is at the core of a bottoms-up approach championed by Aampe, a company that harnesses AI to deliver “messaging-led” personalization at scale. It does this by ingesting and modeling an app's event stream—the continuous flow of real-time information generated by user interactions, system events, or other activities within the app—to detect meaningful patterns in user engagement. The output is a deep understanding of the customer based on how, when and why they interact with messaging, which can inform campaigns to increase conversions and grow retention.

"While companies are liberated by AI to tailor marketing at the speed of change, they are limited by segmentation constructs that are rigid and prone to over-simplification."

"This is a significant departure from popular rules-based approaches that bucket people according to observations about what they do—or don’t do—on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. “That thinking is a remarkably anachronistic approach to personalization and why we choose to focus on uncovering and understanding the attributes that drive real and measurable customer engagement,” Paul Meinshausen, Aampe co-founder and CEO, told me in an interview.

"It’s new territory for marketers and a new category of technology developed by Aampe leadership that combines talents in data science, data engineering, neuroscience, anthropology and product development. “Personalization has to view customers through a living and learning lens that frames them as individuals,” Meinshausen explains. “To make that possible, our toolset has to evolve, and that’s exactly what AI is driving, an evolution in software.” In this scenario, Aampe offers a “reinforcement learning infrastructure,” ensuring organizations don’t become stale or static in their communications."

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