Who has more rugs than IKEA, more furniture than MADE, and more art than John Lewis?

Why, it’s the UK’s most loved home and living marketplace, Fy! 😄

To date, Fy! has shipped over 1.75 Million home and living products from over 3,500 emerging brands and artists to over 800,000 customers in the UK and beyond, and, to hit their aggressive order frequency goals and further improve their customer experience, they decided to kick off with Aampe!

The process

By passing Aampe their app event data and setting up their Apple Push Notification service (APNs) API credentials, Fy! was up and running in a few hours, using Aampe to help optimize their messaging content and timing for each of their individual users—without having to change their existing messaging platform.

The results

Since implementing Aampe, Fy! is seeing a 30% increase in purchases from new users within their first month, and an additional 15% lift in orders beyond their first 30 days, resulting in a compound monthly growth rate of 7%.

...all by using Aampe to help connect users to the new and different products they love on Fy!

The future looks bright for Fy! and we’re grateful to be on the journey with them!

To learn more about Fy!, visit: www.iamfy.co/