“When you start working on a cooking app, people say ‘There are a thousand other cooking apps out there. What are you doing?'”

Baptiste Malaguti, Kuri’s CEO and Co-Founder, understands the importance of messaging to keep users engaged in an attention-starved marketplace, but he says he was always skittish to send push notifications because he typically hated receiving them as an end user.

“Most notifications are pushy, interruptive, and discount-driven, which turns users off.” 

Baptiste knew that to keep Kuri’s users engaged and excited to use the app (even to the point where they’d share it with their friends), he needed to take a different approach — He wanted messaging that was encouraging, inspiring, and educational, so he turned to OpenAI (GPT-3) to help generate fun and interesting food facts:

Once the prompts are generated, he does a quick fact-check on the results and then imports the messages into Aampe, instrumenting them by labelling them with key attributes about the message like ingredients, value propositions, etc.

Using this method, Kuri has added hundreds of messages with facts about sustainability, specific ingredients and recipes, and even relevant current events.

How is Kuri’s messaging strategy panning out?

In only 2 weeks, Kuri is already seeing impressive results in both click-through rate and app activity rate (how many people have viewed recipes, cooked recipes, etc.):

Perhaps even more exciting, as Kuri is labelling their messages in Aampe, they’re getting more insight into what their users are interested in, so they can adjust their messaging appropriately across the rest of their marketing and advertising efforts.

(For example, Baptiste mentioned that sustainability wasn’t the primary reason for creating Kuri, but it’s a message that’s resonating strongly with a good portion of their audience.)

So, what’s next for Kuri?

Kuri will continue to use GPT-3 and Aampe to generate and instrument additional messages to add more depth of engagement and appeal to even broader groups of users.

…and, if Kuri’s repeated success in the Apple App Store says anything, the future looks bright for sustainable cooking! 🍴

About Kuri

Kuri, is the climate-friendly meal planning app that helps you cook delicious, seasonal, and low-carbon meals effortlessly. They’ve been featured multiple times by the Apple App Store and boast an impressive 4.9-star average review and over 2900 ratings! 

Find Kuri on the app store here: https://apps.apple.com/app/id1510387870

About Aampe

Aampe is an AI optimization layer that sits on top of standard messaging delivery platforms and continuously optimizes short-form messaging by experimenting and observing responses to messaging and timing stimuli on an individual user level.

In other words: We send better messaging at the individual level determined by direct actions from your individual users, without you having to set up and maintain segments and rigid user journeys.

To learn more about Aampe, visit www.aampe.com or drop us a note at hello@aampe.com