HAAT is on a mission to make food delivery universally accessible—focusing on restaurants, customers, and delivery partners who live and work outside of built-up urban infrastructures.

They are committed to elevating the market’s ecosystem by empowering:

🍔 Restaurants owners who lack the technical know-how to set up their own online delivery service.

🍕 Hungry customers who don’t have a formal street address or aren't accustomed to using credit cards for delivery payments.

🛵💨 Delivery couriers who were struggling to maintain a steady stream of income.

To accomplish this goal, HAAT makes nearby restaurants and their menus discoverable to anyone with a smartphone, plans optimized delivery routes for the couriers, uses smartphone location information when addresses are not available, and provides a secure and reliable framework for POS cash payments.

Rooted in its commitment to a superior customer experience, the HAAT team is introducing personalised push notifications to better tailor the app experience to each customer individually. With the powerful suite of AI/ML messaging features Aampe developed, HAAT will now be able to offer the best deals & offers for each customer individually from the restaurants they love! 🧡🌮🧡

We're excited to see where this partnership will take us!

Stay tuned for an upcoming case study! 🙌