At Fy! we have a huge store of great content that we know our shoppers love. Aampe gives us a super smart way to get this content in front of users at the time they want it the most. The impact and ROI has been excellent.

- Richard Hirson, Head of Marketing


The UK's most loved Home & Living marketplace, Fy! is a shoppable Instagram: a daily feed of unique, affordable products from over 3,500 emerging brands and artists around the world.

The company has shipped over 1.75m home and living products to 800,000 shoppers in the UK, US and beyond. They offer more rugs than IKEA, more furniture than MADE and more art than John Lewis.


To keep up with their aggressive growth goals, Fy! was looking for a way to increase their customers' Order Frequency—as how often a user makes a purchase from an app has been shown to have the largest overall impact on app growth (over 2x the impact of the Average Order Value).


When Fy! deployed Aampe in the Spring of 2022, increasing order frequency was their primary goal and priority. Within weeks of launch they were achieving progress: driving an improvement in the average orders placed per customer, in both the customer’s first 30 days and after.

By the 3rd month of using Aampe, new customers were making 30% more orders within their first 30 days of installing the app than the previous 12 month average. Customers were also completing 15% more orders after their first 30 days.

Across the first three months with Aampe, the average orders made by customers in their first 30 days in the app grew at a Compound Monthly Growth Rate (CMGR) of 7%.

This consistent improvement demonstrates the power of compounding, enabled by iteratively learning each individual customer’s preferences and optimizing their individual messages accordingly.

How Fy! drove growth with notifications

Fy! is an app brimming with the world’s best home and living products. From big brands to emerging artists, they've got all the merchandise and inspiration their customers need to start feeling great about their homes.

With 1.75 million fabulous home and living products in their marketplace, Fy!'s mission is to curate the world of home & living for every customer, and that means speaking uniquely and personally to each individual customer.

Creating a quality notification library

Aampe is based on the belief that apps should speak to their customers as unique individuals. This means actually learning why your customers want and care about the things your app offers.

Using the Aampe Personalisation Manager, Fy! first created categorization labels to represent things their customers might care about and help classify their messages.

They generated notification copy for their labels using Aampe's Composer. The Aampe learning pipeline then began to randomly assign messages, balanced across clusters of similar customers generated by Aampe’s system.

As Aampe observed customers' responses to notifications across the Fy! shopping funnel, it began to optimize the allocation of notification labels to customers based on Fy!'s key funnel goals.

The perfect recommendations at the perfect time

Well calibrated copy can be hindered by poor timing, so Aampe manages timing as well as copy. Aampe optimizes the intersection of the best day(s) of the week to send a user a notification with the best time of day.

For example, in the campaign snapshot above, Aampe determined that 13% of customers who were sent a notification on Wednesday were timed to receive their notification between 9am and noon, while 47% of the customers who were scheduled to receive their notification on Friday received theirs between 9am and noon. Part of that difference in percentages was because very few customers could be effectively influenced Friday evening.

…and Aampe keeps learning and adjusting timing based on feedback and user interaction.

Tracking Insights from Notifications

As the Aampe optimization system assigns notification Labels over time, the Fy! team is able to track the representation and performance of their Labels and iteratively refine and improve their message library.

Interested in learning more about how Aampe works? Take a peek under the hood by reading our technical guide: “How do I know it works?”

For example, in a given period Fy! observed that 31% of customers were responding best to their Economic Buyer label, while only 19% of customers were responding to the Personality Buyer label.

However, even though the Economic Buyers were responding better overall, the App Open conversion Rate (AOR) for Personality Buyers was 6% better than the Economic Buyers. This kind of feedback can be actioned on several levels:

  • The Fy! team can compare the Economic Buyers label copy with the Personality Buyers label copy and improve clarity, style, or structure to improve performance.
  • The Fy! team can analyze the message-generated ‘Segments’ to learn whether their catalog or product can better serve either or both populations.
  • The Fy! UA Marketing team can leverage these insights to shift or optimize their brand and acquisition marketing copy and creatives.
  • Fy! can make strategic decisions about their best-performing Ideal Customer Profiles and structure everything from its brand positioning to their inventory acquisition and management processes accordingly.

Aampe evolves CRM messaging beyond a simple lifecycle channel into a deeply valuable Product and Analytics strategic intelligence center.

Next Steps

Because of the great results they’ve seen so far, Fy! is continuing to develop and hone their messaging and drive customer success and business growth to new heights.

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