Message-Led Personalization can produce some big results:

📈 330% increase in conversions

📈 1,800% increase in user sessions

📈 30% increase in purchases for users in their first 30 days

📈 15% in purchases

📈 7% increase in compound monthly growth rate

(Learn more about Message-Led Personalization here!)

…but how much work does it actually take to get started sending messages with Aampe?

Do you have to overhaul your MarTech Stack or start from scratch?

That’s right. Getting started with Aampe requires:

✅ No SDKs

✅ No long integration times

✅ No developer hassle

 …and setup typically only ranges from 15 minutes to an hour depending on your current messaging platform.

In fact, Aampe only needs 3 things to start producing results:

  1. Access to your clickstream data
  2. API connection to your existing push notification provider
  3. Some hot, fresh messages to send!

1. Connect your app’s clickstream data

This is how we learn what actions your users take from the messages they receive, to learn which messages work best for each user.

Click here to connect Aampe with Mixpanel, Segment, Amplitude, CleverTap or anywhere else where your event data currently lives.

2. Configure your Push Notification Provider

Aampe works with all of the major platforms, including Braze, CleverTap, Firebase, MoEngage, OneSignal, Salesforce, and more!

Click here to configure your API connection.

Need a hand?

If you have any questions along the way, please email or click here to set up a 1:1 integration session.

3. Schedule your 1:1 messaging workshop

Aampe is only as good as the messages you send, but, with Aampe, you’re not alone!

Click here to schedule your personal messaging workshop with our resident copywriter to help you get started on the right foot!

(Technically, you can create an Aampe account in 2 clicks with a Google email here. If you want to try it yourself, here’s a video to help get you started. We’ll always be here to support!) 

At Aampe, we’re all about helping you reinvent your messaging strategy…not your Tech Stack

Start sending better messages in a couple days.

See results in a couple weeks.

What are you waiting for?

Any questions? Drop us a note at