🛒 With our help, one of our eCommerce customers is seeing a 74% increase in CONVERSIONS on their "abandoned cart" campaigns. 😳

Here's how we're did it. 👇

First of all, abandoned carts are a huge issue affecting eCommerce stores.

The Baymard Institute found that almost 70% of all online shopping carts are abandoned, costing eCommerce businesses upwards of $18 billion in sales revenue each year. 📉

So, following one of today's "best practices," one of our customers had set up a message that was triggered to send 30 minutes after a customer had abandoned their cart. 💬

Something generic like:

"Oh no! You left something in your cart! Pop back in to pick it up!"

(⌚ Why 30 minutes? Well...because some article online told them so.‍)

Don't get me wrong, it's still one of their highest-performing messages (mostly because it's being sent to a high purchase intent audience — someone who was considering buying something enough to add it to their cart).

Still, they wanted to see if they could improve it further because it's 2023, and every penny counts. 💸

So, here's what we did differently. 👇

1. We don't wait until a user has an abandoned cart

Whenever someone interacts (or doesn't interact) with a message sent by Aampe, our model learns things about that person.

Sure, we learn what products and offerings they like, but we also learn their preferred message timing, the tone of voice they prefer in their messaging, what they value (convenience, savings, popularity, etc.), and several other things. 🧠

This way, we already have all of this information before a user ever abandons a cart.

2. We record any product views and/or abandoned cart events*

*Note: We also record every tap, scroll, session, add-to-wishlist, purchase, and whatever else you've instrumented on your app. Each of these is helpful for different things.

3. We monitor all of the app's stock/inventory levels for each product via a direct connection with the app's Content Management System (CMS)

This way we can monitor stock levels on all items in real-time.

4. We bring all of those pieces together:

...and this is where the magic happens.

Whenever an item a user has viewed** goes into a low stock condition, a message is triggered to that user in their preferred tone, emphasizing the value they appreciate, and at the timing where the user has the highest propensity to respond. 🤯

(**Note: This also means we can message more users...not just ones who have abandoned a cart!)

Now their message looks more like this:

"Fashion fades, only style remains the same. 👜"
"But for real, we only have five more of that Saint Laurent Cassandre Matelassé handbag in stock! Get yours now!"

(Much better, right?)

The results: 👇

They improved their clicks by 34%, their app visits by 45%, their add-to-cart rate by 97%, and their actual revenue-generated events by 74%! 🚀

So, do you want to implement this same strategy to improve your abandoned cart messaging?

Reach out and we'll show you how!