In this episode of the [A] Growth Ventures podcast, Hamlet Azarian, the CEO and Founder of the Azarian Growth Agency, hosts Aampe CEO, Paul Meinshausen, to discuss the intricacies of data science, gain insights into emerging tech trends, and explore the innovative strides Aampe has made under his leadership.

Paul kicks off the conversation by highlighting the immense significance of mobile data in today's digital landscape — with billions of smartphone users worldwide, mobile devices have become an invaluable source of data that businesses can leverage to make informed decisions.

During the discussion, Paul and Hamlet delve into the limitations of traditional marketing approaches, such as static rules engines. These methods often lack the flexibility required to adapt to the dynamic nature of modern markets. They also cover a fundamental challenge in the world of AI — allowing software to make mistakes and learn from them, similar to how humans do.

Drawing parallels with algorithmic trading in finance, Paul explains how programmatic decision-making in marketing can streamline processes and provide real-time insights but emphasizes that human guidance remains crucial for things like setting strategic guidelines and defining brand voice to ensure that AI aligns with a company's objectives and values.

Next, Paul takes listeners on the journey of Aampe, from its inception in 2020 to its current status as a powerful marketing tool adopted by companies worldwide. The platform continues to evolve to meet the changing needs of its users. More than that, they discuss the challenges with AI adoption. Adoption isn't solely a technical challenge; it also involves understanding how people interact with probabilistic systems.

Paul, a seasoned entrepreneur and tech enthusiast, shares his journey and the fascinating work he's currently doing in the realm of AI-powered marketing.

You won't want to miss it!

Key takeaways:

  • 2:15 - Introduction: What inspired Paul in Data Science
  • 10:00 - The Military Entities Collaboration: Challenges and Lessons
  • 21:45 - The Founding of PaySense
  • 24:10 - The Idea Behind PaySense
  • 30:55 - The  Involvement in the Tech and Startup
  • 39:33 - The Idea and Activity of Aampe
  • 47:00 Letting the Software Learn from Mistakes