Teaching.com is a cutting-edge EdTech company with a suite of educational apps and products aimed to help kids learn critical skills in the classroom and beyond.

Reading.com, an interactive subscription-based app, is one of those such products.

The Reading.com app takes children through hundreds of interactive lessons, songs, and games designed to help them learn to read and have fun doing it!

As part of their process to increase the usefulness and effectiveness of their product, the Teaching.com team enlisted Aampe’s AI-driven, message-led personalization in place of their existing user messaging.

How it's going:

In the two months since kick off, Aampe messaging is driving a Compound Weekly Growth Rate (CWGR) of 33.4% in general engagement and a CWGR of 38.6% in lessons completed.

If we focus in on the last two weeks of the graph, when Aampe's model has had time to learn more of Reading.com's user preferences, we see a CWGR of 52.8% for general engagement and 39% for lessons completed:

14-day moving average of App Activity and Lessons Completed vs. Aampe's internal control group.

This increase in lessons completed means the users Aampe is messaging aren't just more likely to open the app — They're also more likely to complete lessons (which means they're more likely to renew their subscriptions, as they're getting more value out of the app).

In fact, Aampe-messaged users complete 2x more lessons per week than they did before getting Aampe messages:

The Y-Axis shows average lessons completed/week before messaging. The X-Axis shows how many times more messages users completed since receiving Aampe messages.

This is especially impressive, considering that Reading.com requires the parent and child to do each lesson together (so it’s not as simple as getting a single user to complete a lesson).

Our journey with Teaching.com and Reading.com is just beginning and we’re already seeing dramatic improvements across these leading indicators!