"Data activation" is taking the marketing industry by storm in 2024

But, while many companies can make your data accessible, few actually make it useful.

Here are three ways Aampe helps businesses use their data more effectively:

1. Access your full CRM and product data (events, attributes, etc.) 

All of your event data, as well as their activity level, is present and readily available.

Aampe integrates with your data warehouse and customer engagement tools via API. We use a reverse ELT process and parallelized data pipeline to format your data so it's useful and accessible.

You don't have to work across multiple teams to surface the data and user attributes you need to build triggers and do meaningful analysis. All the data you need is right at your fingertips in Aampe, and we can export it to the other tools in your stack.

2. Recommender system for CMS product/content catalog

You can upload your full content catalog directly into Aampe, and Aampe's recommender system will insert relevant, individual user-level recommendations from your catalog right into your messaging (This also works with blog content!)

By incorporating content recommendations into their messages,

  • eCommerce retailers have seen a 300% increase in clicks, 293% increase in add-to-carts, and 289% increase in revenue
  • Subscription apps have seen thousands of extra views per month on their blog content per week, and blog-integrated messages have been among their highest performing messages from an engagement perspective.

Loading your CMS into Aampe also allows you to automate more advanced messaging like low stock and price drop messages, all without your team having to lift a finger.

3. Single source of truth for multi-channel orchestration

Most of the teams we talk to spend a lot of time managing each individual messaging channel (for some, this workload prevents them from using additional channels).

As Aampe orchestrates all of your communication channels, from a single location, we create a single source of truth. You can manage all of your data in a single location and Aampe handles your message timing and distribution.

For more information on how Aampe works, click here.

So, how are you using your data?

Forrester reports that between 60 percent and 73 percent of all data within an enterprise goes unused for analytics.
Aampe flips that number on its head.

Want to use your data more effectively?

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